"there's more than fighting for causes, there's fighting for what you believe"
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when you find that perfect gif but don’t know how to use it


You can reverse the flow of the hotdogs if you concentrate hard enough

oh my god you can

I personally skipped ngc and wii but want a wii u soooo baad



Dayum Nintendo!! (unless they just haven’t put these on their regular channel yet, I think I saw one of them but not the other?)



Flame pokemon? More like fire breathing kick ass Pokemon

A struggle of change that is made. a wrinkle in time, battle of the brave, fighting for hope of one’s beliefs. Decieving thought planted in minds. when hell freezes over will come the time, that ones point will have been made. theres shattered thoughts, and broken dreams. wasted lives all of the brighter side of suffering. Theres more than fighting for causes, theres fighting for what you beleive. If theres a fork in the road of your path, one sides needles the others glass. At least your walking instead of dragging on whats paved. Some see the glass half empty, others full. I just see the waters cold and so is this world that we live in. And so I segragate. Seperated from the ones with out a cause. I segragate. I segragate. Would you beleive? Could you beleive? Theres more to this, than what it seems. Its the brighter side of suffering. Poverty, injustice, struggling with the pain. A humble mind of wisdom and non-corruption. Would you believe? Theres more to this from this life! Theres more fo this! Finding a soultion, hope for tomarrow, for a better today! A new revolution, We stand and fight and face the pain